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    Part one: Membership

    Membership conditions

    VIP Member:
    Order two products (in one or two times) and post a positive comment about your purchases
    Get two orders or two items in one order and at least one favorable comment about the purchases

    Premium Member:
     Three or more purchases and favorable comments about all of the purchases
     Employee's relatives and friends

    When the personal information of the member changes, please contact the customer service center to change it in time

    Part two: Member Benefits





    Up to 10% discount

    Up to 20% discount

    Extended warranty

    24 months

    36 months

    Birthday gifts

    Not available


    Product Selection



    Free testing

    VIP collection available

    Premium collection available

    Virtual party

    4 per year

    8 per year

    Exclusive access

    Not available



    Part three: Member Rights

    1. Members are entitled to the best service possible provided by the effort of EC Technology’s team
    2. Members must consciously abide by the constitution and ensure that all participation is voluntary
    3. Members should receive all the complete information, about promotional activities and services through any communication channel available.
    4. Strict confidentiality is ensured and EC Technology in committed to safeguard the users identity

    Part four: Special clauses

    1. Every member has the right to refuse the service and cancel the corresponding membership; this action will stop any delivery or email activity from EC Technology’s end.
    2. EC Technology is bound to inform the customer of any misunderstanding, conflict or membership cancelation to whomever intentionally violates the constitution or makes an inappropriate requests.

    Part five: Others

    1. EC is a big family and a hard working team willing to satisfy every customers need.
    2. EC Technology is open to suggestions and we will always encourage our clients to express their opinion and share their experience with us and others.
    3. The articles of association shall come into force on May 1, 2017
    4. EC Company reserves the right of final modification and interpretation of the articles and listed above.